In Love in Pain Too

Have you ever been the other woman?  Have you ever been desperate for a relationship?  Has abuse or domestic violence been a part of in-love-in-pain-tooyour life?  Have you ever felt used in a relationship?  Have you ever lied or tried to trick a man into loving you?  Have you ever compromised yourself or your morals for the man you loved?  Theresa, Mia, Asya, Colleen and Laura have done it all.  Their love seemed to overrule all their intellect, intuition and good sense.

What is it like to live as the other woman?  Theresa knows, she lived a lie for more than ten years. Is every man that has sex another with a man gay?  Charlie says no, he is not gay.  Asya saw her mother being abused and promised herself that it would never happen to her, but it did! Could your lover ever convince you to be a stripper or porn star?  Mia’s did.  What Theresa, Mia, Asya, Charlie, Colleen and Laura have done in the dark has come to the light!  They have been exposed and need to make some decisions.

In the first and middle part of the story, you the reader will observe the action and draw conclusions.  For the ending you decide how each character should navigate her life.  Answer a few short questions and choose from three distinctly different endings all with different consequences.   You alone will have the power to decide how the characters’ lives will proceed. Is it love, sickness, stupidity or bad judgment?  You tell me.


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