Break-up Breakthrough– Journal: a 37-day Guide from Heartbreak to Healing


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During a difficult break-up, your mind and soul are usually open and raw and that state of openness presents a perfect opportunity to stop, listen and learn about the decisions, personal history and patterns that led to your break-up. During this time you can be vulnerable, introspective and in search of solutions and remedies to stop the pain.

Because you don’t want to hurt anymore, you should be more willing to examine your behaviors and choices in a constructive manner that can direction direct you to a breakthrough. This willingness can produce a reflectiveness that can open your mind and important relationship lessons can be learned. Use the pages of this journal to develop your plan of action to leave heartbreak forever and move toward knowing yourself, loving yourself, nurturing yourself and recognizing your own value.

These pages are here for you reconstruction. This is a time for you to work on you until you feel strong and indestructible. Many relationship pitfalls can be revealed and many previous choices will be clearer at this time. If the insights and lessons learned through the break-up are heeded, a break-up can be a life changing breakthrough that can change your momentum and trajectory.

It can also provide an opportunity to critically and logically examine what went wrong and how to make personal adjustments, which will better prepare you for the next relationship. In the pages of journal you will come face-to-face with yourself in a way that will expose your patterns, heartaches, frustrations, past trauma, what you feel about yourself and the relationship blunders that you have made in the past. You will discover your patterns of attraction, motivations, family issues, your wants vs. your needs, your relationship styles, your methods of self-abuse.

In the pages of this journal learn to be completely selfish and focus on exactly what you need to be happy, whole and in love with who you are. If you learn to fall madly in love with yourself it can be exactly what you need to teach potential partners how to love, support and respect you. Loving yourself properly will signal the wrong partner that they need not bother to stop and talk to you because you will not tolerate the kind of “love” they have to offer.

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