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In Love, in Pain Too


Product Description

In Love in Pain Too: Stories of Love, Loss, Betrayal and What to do Next! Is a book about women and the emotional decisions about relationships that they make, which affect their lives, careers and families. The manuscript studies how women behave in romantic relationships, by taking a candid look at the destructive behaviors women adopt while trying to find and maintain love. It is the rational mind in touch with the emotional seat of a woman’s psyche.

The manuscript consists of five didactic stories detailing issues that many women have faced. Each story is a real life scenario where a woman finds herself faced with important decisions that will force her look at her relationships and decide whether the love she feels is worth the pain that accompanies it. Each of the five stories stops at a climatic point where the reader is provided with a list of questions, which will determine one of three possible endings. Each ending is different and yields different consequences and each woman has to make decisions about when it is appropriate for her to cut her losses and come to grips with a relationship where the love is overshadowed by pain. In Love in Pain, is romance novel meets self-help. It is therapy girlfriend style.

In Love, In Pain can be simply an entertaining read about women in relationships–or it can be a personal examination and self-analysis device that women can use as an approach to positive emotional health. The stories were designed to shed light on how a woman’s behavior, especially her decisions regarding the men in her life affects her life, relationships and in many cases her children and loved ones. In Love, In Pain can be a very valuable tool in a woman’s arsenal to help her chose partners more wisely, decide what behavior is acceptable and when it is time to cut her loses.

This book will be especially valuable for those women who for whatever reason will not seek professional counseling and may be to embarrassed to discuss her problems with family and friends. In Love In Pain focuses on how women respond to what we perceive as love and how they behave in order to try to keep that love. The book reveals how women put themselves in physical, emotional, spiritual and oftentimes physical danger to stay in a relationship that is not nourishing, supportive or fulfilling. In Love In Pain also divulges how women conspire against other women, by dating men who are committed to others and supporting men is dishonest schemes.

In Love in Pain illustrates how women will accept crumbs and tell themselves that they should be grateful for them and additionally how much women will give up, even when they don’t get anything in return. The book does not give advice as to what action each woman should take, it merely points out the consequences of various decisions. It is designed to be a non-judgmental, self-help, counseling guide, where women are allowed to make decisions toward healthy or dysfunctional relationships.

In Love in Pain allows women to analyze their own behavior patterns in relationships and decide to make changes or not.