I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.Gertrude - On Need To Talk
Thank you Janice for being an ear. I found it sort of funny and ironic to read on your home page how “some people just single you out and share personal private parts of there lives due to your welcoming demeanor” LoL-Guilty as charged! I agree that it is very important for us women to have that someone to talk to cause God made us emotional, communicative creatures. I cant wait to read the book!Santresa Stewart
I have recommended this book to my daughter and two teenage granddaughters.
Arelia R. Sanders (San Francisco, CA) - On In Love In Pain
Many years ago I learned something important. If you can’t be happy by yourself alone, you will never be happy with someone. Whenever we as individuals seek to find our happiness by being with another person, we will ultimately fail. We can only love another person fully when we are strong enough to love and respect ourselves.

While the stories are different, I have met and counseled with many women who have placed someone else in the center of their life. In so doing, they, their children, and everyone who loved them suffered.

In these stories, Dr. Moss let’s you confront these issues. The story is given and you choose how you think the situation should be handled. You then read the ending. Fortunately, if you make a bad choice, the ending not only helps you to see that it was a bad choice but also shows how to turn even that choice into something good.

I have to be honest and admit I’m not sure I agree that all of the endings would or should turn out how they do. But this book is an excellent starting point for discussions amount young women in crisis.

I am grateful to have received this book from the author for ministry to the women in my life. There is great wisdom in these fictional stories.Alex S.

“In Love and Pain” it revealed the heartaches women go through on a daily basis. The stories were well written explaining the trials that each woman had to deal with. There are times when the ending of certain situations are not good, I enjoyed the way Dr. Moss allowed you to choose the ending that you felt would have been correct for each stories. All of the stories touched my heart and soul but the story about Marva by far touched my heart the most.I feel very blessed never to have been through any of the situations in the book. “In Love and Pain” I feel is a must read for every woman that had been in or thinking about being in an relationship. Can’t wait to read part 2. Hats off to you Dr. MossSelatha founder of Circle Of Friends Book Club
When my book club chose In Love, In Pain, I did not expect much. I was just hoping to be able to get through the book without a lot of pain (ooh). I could not believe the creativity that went into the writer’s penning this book. It was awesome. I love short stories–but her unique three possible endings was a strategy I had never considered. In fact, there was actually a 4th possible ending–the one that I always came up with before I finished reading the story. The writer displays actual relationships that were believable–most women above the age of 10 have seen or been there.

I strongly recommend this book to both men and women. My book club did not have enough time to discuss it–and talking about energy in the room!

I met Janice Moss–she is so humble. She is so very sure of who she is that she asked for honest opinions about her book and wanted suggestions as to where her next writing should take her. I suggested she do the same scenarios from a man’s point of view.

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