The Leah Syndrome

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Within the millennia old story of Leah and Rachel the Bible provides a cautionary tale for modern women and girls about the perils of man-sharing, love competitions, birthing fatherless babies and trying to make a man love you. Love Hunger causes many women to perform all kinds of humiliating acts, mistakenly thinking their actions will make a man love them when in actuality it will not. Yet their intense desire and desperation often causes them to make life altering decisions that may leave them bruised, battered, in financial ruin and raising children alone. Dr Moss’s book supports its readers with another choice: the choice to end the destructive family and generational patterns we first encounter through Leah’s and Rachel’s experiences.

The Leah Syndrome is also for mothers and guardians wanting to teach the young women in their lives about unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships. It gives the context and tools needed to facilitate discussion of the consequences of bad relationship choices: choices that too often end in premature pregnancy, abuse, domestic violence and the loss of an individual’s potential.

The knowledge the author has acquired over her years working with young women and girls is presented here in The Leah Syndrome for the sole purpose of helping women to acknowledge the risks, to be alert to flawed thinking and to choose a path that is more loving healing and productive. Above all, this book aims to help women recognize their own value and grow in self-love and self-efficacy.

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