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Have you been in a relationship that gave you more pain than love?

“Need to Talk” is a concept designed to allow women from all backgrounds to have a place to share stories, ask for advice, or help a fellow woman struggling in a painful relationship. Everyone comes to a point in their life when they just need to get something off their chest but have no one to talk to. Some women fear being judged by friends and family, or being ridiculed by people who disagree with their decisions. This forum’s purpose is to create a secure place for you to seek support or share your experiences.

Even though your relationship issues are as unique to you as your fingerprints, you will find that many women have experienced the same problems and issues. This means there is a lot of advice and wisdom to be imparted, which will hopefully help you come to terms with your relationship problems sooner and more effectively, rather than later after more years of pain and frustration. It can take a lot of courage to admit that your life is not perfect and that you are experiencing pain. However, making this admission is the first step to gaining confidence and control in your life.

Talking with other women who have had similar experiences and have been able to bounce back can be a great encouragement for anyone. You can also play a role in helping other women by leaving messages of encouragement, support or advice in the forum.

I often receive emails and letters from women who need advice or guidance with the issues they are experiencing in their relationships. Whether you’d like to have others comment on your experience, or you would simply like to provide an insight into your own life so that others can benefit from it, “Need to Talk” was designed to be a place for sharing. No issue is too small. So, please feel free to discuss and reply to what others have posted. My thought is that this will eventually become a valuable resource and a network of women aiding women, as it is often easier to discuss matters with those whom you’ve never even met.

Ladies Talking on the Phone
In addition to this public forum, I am now offering a personal, confidential conversation with me at the rate of $1 per minute. As an author of a book about women involved in emotionally and physically painful relationships, and having personally dealt with those at risk, I have knowledge in a variety of aspects relating to how a woman’s choices and behaviours dictate her relationships. So, if your situation is not one that you’d like to discuss in a public forum, then a one-on-one conversation might be what you’d prefer. Ladies, we need to talk more!

All you will need to do is register yourself for free and log in to the discussions. You may start a conversation on an appropriate topic by giving a suitable heading to the discussion, and others will soon join you. While you are free to express yourself on the quandaries faced by other women, try to be sensitive toward their sentiments. Avoid making any slanderous comment, even if you strongly feel that they have made mistakes. Understanding and support, not judgment, is what we seek.

Thank you for visiting the “Need to Talk” section of the site. I hope that you might find the support and advice you’ve been looking for.

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Most Recent Blog Posts

Read insightful perspectives written by Dr. Janice Moss. These posts are related to relationships, love, and breakup survival..


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